Redcat racing everest gen7 pro rc rock crawler. ...



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These RTR 4X4 1/10 scale are ideal vehicles to get started in the world of radio control.

Some one come fully assembled and ready to use and others come disassembled.

The traction 4x4, the powerful engines, the suspension exerted with 4 hydraulic shock absorbers capable of absorbing all kinds of stones and the use of Li-Po battery provide impressive features so you can use it on any type of surface.

The scale 1/10 of the brand Integy with dodge brand models are the next step forward in the ready to run, the off-road action scale.

While continuing to incorporate key components that have made rock crawler vehicles successful, the chassis upgrade the realism with details including a replica of the engine, built-in to a realistic transmission case and a transfer case like a 1:1 vehicle.

Set the jumper to use its battery type (NiMH/LiPo) and mode of driving (forward/reverse/brake) with the 9kg digital steering servo and mini-servos 3x17g for gear transmission and differential lock/unlock. (all servos are waterproof)

rock crawlers are high-end cars loaded with technical features that are unusual for a "out of the box" vehicle.

The rock crawler is a very professional vehicle that includes many high performance features.



The 2.4GHz 3-channel controller and receiver are ready to give the benefits of the innovative Spektrum Smart Technology.

4x cells AA are needed for the radio.

The 2.4 GHz 6-channel radio system gives you total control over your automobile: if the lighting system, the 2-speed equipment, diff . locks or maximum speed adjustment.

All of these functions are used on the 6-channel remote.

Would you like use another 6-channel station without losing the lighting function?

No problem! You will find an description of how to use it in the manual.

With the remote Spektrum, you will enjoy the superior range, response and resistance to interference of DSMR technology.

Along with the installed receiver/ESC/receiver, also includes the benefits of exclusive Spektrum ™ Smart technology.

Install a Spektrum Smart LiPo battery and you can find out the vehicle's battery capacity at a glance on the battery level marker on the DX3 transmitter.

Equip car with the optional Bluetooth module and download the application on your smart phone, and you are also ready to use smart telemetry in real time, without the need for integrated sensors or modules.


Aluminum driveshafts and 45.8 ° steering angle offer the best possible handling of any terrain.

Differential gears are hardened alloy and controls drive.

Some types use "PORTAL" axles to improve performance by increasing ground clearance and reducing torque twist.

Not only do axles offer greater distance from chassis of the differential to the ground than conventional axles, but they also have another positive feature.

With conventional crawlers, the torque applies so much force that the car jumps over the obstacle.

The portal axle design reduces the gear ratio at the wheels and almost eliminates transmission surges.

Transmission overall gear ratio per axle is more than double that of non-portal models to ensure trouble-free operation .

Some models offer a function that allows you to lock the rear axle from the transmitter and adapt a tighter turning radius.

Lock and unlock the front and rear differential separately to increase maximum performance on the road, all controlled remotely from your remote and 2 0.9 kg mini servos.

On descents tricky, you can lock the front differential, rear differential, or even both to handle on difficult terrain.

Leave the differential unlocked for smooth operation at high speed.


The engine is located at the front of the chassis to keep the weight forward.

Aluminum engine mount and an adjustable slip clutch provide additional protection in dangerous conditions.

The drive concept, powered by the engineers, includes a 60A waterproof brushed speed controller and a 550 or other motor.

The bumpers interior and sides of the floor conceal instruments internals that would usually be visible from the side of the frame.


Some Chassis have more than 20 injection molded parts including: a bed rack, door handles, mirrors, vents and more, bringing the realism of polycarbonate bodywork to the next level.

The body has been divided into three pieces for a more realistic body.

Realistically designed 5mm machined steel frame with a type suspension of 4 links made of strong steel.

Oil-filled shocks with internal springs, 5mm piston rods, and dan provide a silky-smooth response.

A unique design hydraulic steering damper together with a 9kg waterproof digital steering servo.


4WD axle drive system.

The rock crawler rc incorporates a 2-speed transmission to conquer rough terrain and take you quickly to the next obstacle.

Simply click a button on the radio and change gear ratio and transmission 1 / 37.1 (low speed) to 1/15.1 (full speed ).

In other models you can configure the car so that it has a 40% faster second gear faster, or setting another micro servo and using a remote with at least four channels (like the 5-channel Spektrum DX5).


Officially licensed mud tires on rims 3-piece beadlock dan more scale realism and more grip on dirt, rocks, and all all other trails off-road .

Classic 1.9" wheels with alloy alloy bead with 10 nuts.

very soft tires with realistic flex of the sidewalls for maximum traction on the rocks.


The standard battery tray is placed close to center of the vehicle to improve balance.

A charger is recommended depending on the type of car battery.

redcat racing everest gen7 pro rc rock crawler. ...

You have a vehicle rock crawler rc of the brand Goolsky ?


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